This campaign is part of a project awarded to the Mansfield Campus-Community Partnership (MCCP) and funded under the Connecticut Healthy Campus Initiative by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Dr. Carolyn A. Lin (Department of Communication Sciences), Jim Hintz (Off-Campus Student Services) and Kevin Grunwald (Town of Mansfield) are the principal investigators for the project. John Sobanik (Celeron Square Apartments) is a consultant to this project.

This research project has three objectives:

  • Ascertain students' perceptions, beliefs, knowledge, attitudes, motivations and expectations associated with party-hosting and high-risk drinking behavior.

  • Develop an effective social marketing strategy to promote the building of a positive community norm of safe party-hosting practices and controlled-drinking efficacy at social events.

  • Generate evidence-based research to aid student service units, property management and law enforcement to develop and maintain an effective coalition for achieving their shared goal of student, property and community health and safety.

For more information about the research project, please contact Dr. Carolyn A. Lin ( or Jim Hintz (