About the Campaign

The RAGE ON THE SAME PAGE Campaign adopts the following strategies to achieve its objectives:

  • Improve safe party-hosting skills

  • Increase safe alcohol-use knowledge

  • Reduce negative consequences of alcohol use

  • Develop a community culture that practices safe party norms

  • Foster a peer norm that engages safe alcohol-use behavior

  • Establish communication channels between students, property managers and law enforcement personnel to maintain an on-going dialogue on party-hosting and alcohol-use safety

  • Build an alliance involving students, student services, property management, law enforcement and the Town of Mansfield to Rage on the Same Page to improve community health and safety.

This campaign is part of a project awarded to the Mansfield Campus-Community Partnership (MCCP) and funded under the Connecticut Healthy Campus Initiative by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. This campaign involves the following partners: UConn Department of Communication Sciences, UConn Off-Campus Student Services, Town of Mansfield and the Celeron Square Apartments.